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Hi Alyssis, noticed you were leaving ThinkProgress for another gig. Congratualtions! I want to replace you. Any advice about the position would be great. I plan on sending a my resume and cover letter soon.

Do you have specific questions? We're looking for someone who can write fast, fluidly, and with a distinct voice and opinions on a big range of popular culture and mass media. The person who gets the job doesn't have to be a clone of me, but obviously comfort with progressive politics is a must.

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Hi Alyssa! Do you happen to know if Think Progress would consider hiring foreign applicants who aren't currently based in the US (but would happily move there) for your position? Best of luck on your new job!

I don't see why not! I do think it'll be important for the person who does the job to be in the office.

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Hey Alyssa, I'm a journalism student and I saw your first job was a fact-checking job and I'm interested in that direction. Was it with a local newspaper or online source? Could I get more information about that job and your specific title? Sorry if this is awkwardly worded

Answering this one privately: my title was Fact Checker, and I was at National Journal, a political weekly based in DC that published both in print and online.

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Would you suggest working on your own blog first, or contributing to an online publication?

Hi Alyssa. I've been writing for a few months now & sometimes feel overwhelmed trying to balance my writing with work, school, etc. How did you manage to balance it out once you made the decision to become a writer?

Your question's in this week's column! Thanks for sending it in:

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What advice would you give someone who is thinking about pursuing a career in writing/journalism?

How do you find readers if you're just starting out?

I'm a procrastinator who wants to write but feels as though the idea will lose its relevance too soon, I really wanted to write about Dennis Rodman and North Korea, Jonathan Martin, NFL, and bullying, but feel as though the opportunity flew past me because these are issues no longer current?

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If a person who has never written for tv before, create, write and showrun an excellent new show on HBO, True Detective, what are anyone elses chances to do something like that?

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