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Dear Girls! Car k samny koi cheez ajaye to brake marni hoti hai cheekh nahi.

fahadmushtaq5’s Profile Photoندامتِ گمان¶
lmao, this aunty the other day ny meri cheekh nkal d thi. i was 120km/h+ on car n she crossed GT road casually while using her phone, without looking around for traffic not once.
aunti was on ultra pro max chilled level, the level that gets u killed. 🙂

Whats your opinion on if a guy wants to marry but wants girl to wear abaya. When she hasnt her whole life?

the guy should know, enforcing burqa upon her, wouldn't secure a ticket of paradise for him. islam demands modesty in character and clothing. burqa isn't termed mandatory, it's become a part of our culture with time.


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