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Any advice you can give to a socially awkward person due to being bullied?

If it's a bullying within a group (class, perhaps?) try to slowly build good relations with non-bullying normies. Bullies feel awkward when the majority of the group is against them.

It would be problematic if the whole group bullied you. In that case there's nothing you can do to stop it. But you can always create more opportunities to feel happiness/satisfaction that will outweigh the feeling of being unwanted. Maybe try to become really good at something? There's always a thing or two within your skills that, when polished, will make you feel more confident.

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Currently the gap is so big that it's hardly believable we will see a rival for Cookiezi soon.

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would like to mention that speed isn't purely about bpm, compare an individual 10-note 270 burst to three consecutive 250 triples common sense but a lot of people seem to think the 270bpm burst is harder

No, they don't think so. They know all right 250 consecutive triples are harder. It's just they feel more of that self-satisfaction when they can say "I can play 270 bpm" when all they can do is to clear a 10-note stream with 50% acc

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do you have some tip on how to improve at squares ? I try to snap to each circle individually but then my cursor kinda wobbles around and I miss here and there, I also have bad acc on them sometimes.


Loosen up a little perhaps? On more complex square patterns people don't go in a PERFECT, straight line and I guess you're trying to do it.

If individual circles aren't working divide the square into two 2-circle patterns. Might help.

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Ale masz piękny głos anielski zakochałem się <3

No to gitara.

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When you're practicing stream speed, what would your criteria be to know that you got the speed so you can start with stamina training ?

There's no universal boundary you have to get through for your speed to be "enough". Besides speed is a kind of complex thing to assess. It all comes down to stamina. Any decent player can stream 270 for 10 circles if it isn't preceded by a difficult pattern. Your aim is to make you comfortable at playing fast and it's more about stamina and finger control.

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do you think someone can become as good as cookiezi ?


do u have a girlfriend

I am married.

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(800 vs 400) dpi and why? just your opinion bro.

higher DPI is just more smooth so it's like 100% preference.

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"Streams are nothing else but singletaps, just alternated" i kinda have to disagree. The motion kinda feels like pedaling a bike. Try pedaling a bike with just one foot. (I can stream 200 but not singletap it)

Can you REALLY singletap 200 bpm ONLY with your finger, wrist/arm being still?

Dude you have potential.

The most basic procedure when learning longstreams is to singletap with the primary finger (focus on it) and let the secondary finger follow automatically. Unless you have major concentration problems (like me lul) you should be able to stream at the speed you can handle till your stamina wears off.

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I can deathstream eiji kuinbii (153bpm) really fine with little 100s and longstream around 170 bpm but at about 190-200bpm I can'even burst more than 5 circles. Should I focus on improving speed or should I grind more 150-170 bpm deathstreams ? (I use cookiezi's hand postion btw)

Speed. Streams are nothing else but singletaps, just alternated. If you can singletap 200bpm only using your finger you should be able to stream at this speed.

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do you happen to know how cptnXn got such a godlike stamina ? I play some 160 longstream maps a few times until it hurts and afterwards I can't even stream for more than 20 circles

160bpm longstreams require a bit of finger control and a bit of sheer stamina.
200 bpm long streams require little finger control and a lot of speed and stamina.

I asked him several times about his speed/stamina and he said it was a combination of both hand position and deathstream practice. There was this Ascension to Heaven difficulty made by dustice with only streams, so he was just grinding it until he would SS.

Well, sometimes you just need to have what it takes.

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Jaka polecasz myszkę do 100-150zl? Szukałem ale ostatnio nic nie dodawales a jest pare nowości na rynku.

Nowość, nowości są z reguły drogie, czyli są dwie opcje:
1. high tier nowość, drogie w chuj ale pewnie dobry performance - cena 200pln~
2. low tier nowość a'la A4Tech czy inne ścierwo, czyli chujowy sensor i gejmingowy wygląd - cena max 100-120zł~

morał: nie ma co szukać nowości w tej cenie. Tak naprawdę rozróżnienie myszy, takie podstawowe, to jest banalne. Po prostu sprawdzasz model sensora, wystarczy mieć podstawową wiedzę na temat sensorów i już wiesz, czy shit czy okay. Są zawsze te małe niuanse, ale różnice między jakościami sensorów high/low tier są na tyle duże, że samo to jest wystarczającym powodem, by wybrać coś droższego.

Jeśli coś jest ciekawego z nowości (chociaż aż tak nowe to nie jest) to DM1 Pro jest bardzo fajnym gryzoniem.

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what kind of music do you listen to in your free time?

I don't.

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Biały pies pyta... Co chcesz dostać na święta ? :з

Aneiko Chan


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Are u homo or hetero ?

I like boobs and pussy.

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No offense, but all you need to do is spend 15 seconds or so looking though your ask and you'll figure out which question I'm referring to.

It is you who wants me to answer a question, but seems like your question wasn't that important after all so why should I bother? Besides it would cost you the same amount of time to provide me the context.
I don't put extra effort unless it's worth my attention/time. And I really have more important things to do than browsing my ask only (yes, only) to answer your question. My fans, people who seek my guidance or whatever are indeed important and I can't just ignore them, but don't expect me to go to great lengths only to save one sheep even though it's not trapped. This is something celebrities do, putting a mask on and getting their PR benefits through some acts of pity towards individual entities.

I am not a celebrity nor I like acting as someone else than me. I would say it's the opposite.

I wish you never experience the feeling when you have noone to listen to your words, let aside answer your questions.

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If I go to the effort of searching for your quote like you asked and expanding upon my point, you could at least have the decency to give me a proper answer.

Aaaand again I have no idea where you are coming from.
Currently I get one question per 10-14 days on average and someone expects me to be always up-to-date with whatever topic I'm being asked.

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Czy mi się wydaję, czy większość azjatyckich myszkowców gra na jakimś gamingowym gównie za 5 dych porównywalnym do naszego kochanego a4techa? xD

Nie porównywaj Koreańskich/Japońskich myszy do naszych.
Koreańskie myszki są całkiem okej. Monitory też (chociaż słabo z żywotnością).

No i na koniec tak, wydaje Ci się. Znam może dwie osoby z czołówki/byłej czołówki, która używa jakiegoś azjaty.

View more The streams have their own flow direction, it's nothing too hard or different than what's in plenty of maps The spacing isn't that high and there is full 1/2 timing between the streams. Nothing a good player shouldn't be able to do.

Yes you are a good player.

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Thoughts on LukerMaster?

Cześć LukerMaster, jesteś spoko.

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Why did you say that Red Goose wasn't a good pick for OWC? How are spaced quads and doubles too difficulty for pro players to be expected to play? I'm 5 digits and I've come close to comboing though the hard part of that map.

I would appreciate if next time you link me the quote source so I can shape my answer well. Tbh I don't quite remember saying that Red Goose was a bad pick. I only remember saying that I messed up on this map.

Those quads are difficult because of the flow distortion and pretty much anyone who isn't physically used to playing this pattern has a high chance of missing and you could see the aftermath.

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how do you aim cs5+hr?

Like any othe cs. Sometimes you are just afraid of missing and your mind makes those circles smaller than they really are.

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Do you ever question the legitimacy of some of the osu! players who suddenly seemed to acquire Rafis / Hvick levels of DT, like Vaxei, Angelsim and filsdelama?

DT is more about "unlocking" your potential, sometimes you just develop/discover some improvement to your technique (allowing for more comfy streaming, for example) which results in a skill sky-rocket. Therefore it isn't something that would make you immediately throw hackusations.

I am allergic, however, to sudden accuracy jumps or accurate aim jumps in skill since those are expected to go in a more stable way. It just can't be that today your usual unstable rate is -10 10+ and the next day it's -6 6+. Not saying it's impossible, but I am unable to comprehend how does this happen. Bikko, Toy please tell me.

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