Who is your waifu ATM

Main waifu is still Yukino and will remain until I see the conclusion of the series.
Waifu of this season is gonna be Yume from Grimgar I guess.
I'm also in love with hokkaido dialect which can be heard in Boku dake ga inai Machi

What's your opinion on your country's top players?

Poland stronk

tfw I cant even read the Wikipedia page cause its in Polish https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rudi_Schuberth Maybe I should give up trying to uncover the secret

Just a showman who was the anchorman of an old, cringy TV show.
Remembered by our generation due to his looks.

Who is rudi shoe birth (not sure how its properly spelled) https://ask.fm/fartownik/answers/135812409243

Chciałbym iść na jakąś filologie angielska i mam parę pytań. Warto iść? Gdzie będziesz szukał pracy po tym? Czego tam się mniej więcej uczy i jak trudno jest? Ogólną opinię ludzi znam, ale chciałbym poznać Twoje zdanie i Twój punkt widzenia.

Jeśli nie masz specjalnie planu (chcę być tłumaczem/nauczycielem/mediatorem) to chyba lepiej dać sobie siana.

higher than average click latency 3. The mouse skates are thin compared to the competitors 4. Zowie mice lack optional software. There are people out there who want to use say 500 dpi. 500 dpi->400 dpi is a rather big jump and not everyone wants to have the hassle of having to adjust. Its not hard Zenny

The click latency has been improved in the new FKs so ZA should share the same latency which does not make much difference in FPS.
3. The skates are awesome when it comes to their surface and sliding, the original skates which come with the mouse are always thin so no LOD changes are noticeable. If you choose to buy skates alone they are gonna be thicker (source: me).
4. Again, it doesn't concern me. Plus software interference into the DPI isn't something I'd like to experience.

https://ask.fm/AmaiHachimitsu/answers/135763941023 1. The 3310 sensor is far from the perfect sensor and is irrevelent now that the 3360 is available. 2. The Huanos they use are stiff af and they seem to have problems with their Omron variants (bad switch sourcing probably) but in either case it has Zenny

1. Again, you could at least link some source for the "far from perfect" thing. All benchmarks I've seen confirmed that it's virtually flawless when it comes to precision and it's the best sensor on the market now. The market is actually saturated with high quality, nearly-perfect sensors. Even 3090 sensor isn't "far from perfect". PMW3360 is NOT available, at least not for typical plebs, only manufacturers. PMW3360 is just a public 3366 so now it may be implemented into mice other than logitech's. The sensor was developed with pixart AND logitech so there might be some alterations assuring that the G502 is still superior so don't count your chickens before the're hatched. We will see in April or later when the new Rival is released. THUS, was I supposed to wait 4 months to buy a mouse which shape I don't like only to have a sensor which is ALLEGEDLY better (I have seen various opinions on 3366 already)?? I got the best buy available for me.
2. These huanos feel better than the old ones I've been using. Omrons have already been removed from sale due to problems. They are stiff indeed, but what's wrong with this? I actually prefer stiff buttons because I'm not playing osu! with it. It also feels like the switches are gonna serve well for a longer period of time.

Are you aware that Zowie only has good shapes/cords/maybe scroll wheels? Everything else about them is average or below average Zenny

Define "everything else" because apart from sensor (which is perfect) and coating (which is awesome) I don't need anything.

You should make new donation thing on your overlay for new hard drive Beamaxed

New hardrive means disk cleanup so I might wait with this for a while.
Seems like it is slowly dying but I still hope there might be some other cause for those lags.

who's the nicest person you've met from osu community?

cptnxn, as harmless as a camomile

what are the maths to get the effective DPI in any res.


was difficult to change from 450dpi to 400? how much did took for you to have a "clean aim"

I have just switched to 1920x1080 0.8x osu! sens and 800 dpi, the effective dpi is around 450.
I got many good scores on the first day with 400 dpi so it didn't take much time, but to perfect "clean aim" I'd have to play for another 1-2 weeks.

Why is your avatar the Zowie logo? RhymSkiT

I planned to send a sponsorship request, but I think it won't work unless I stream regularly (which is not gonna happen I believe) even though a lot of people went for zowie mice just because of osu! top mousers.
Avatar was for me not to appear as a filthy weeb. Apart from that I actually wanted something more uhhh neutral?

I remember a while back you answered a question about your favorite Visual Novels, and you recommended G-Senjou no Maou. Are there any others that you can recommend? I can't seem to find that particular answer again D;

Idk really, I'm not experienced in this field.

HW or Mazzerin? Kappa

I choose Kappa

https://osu.ppy.sh/b/658561 why is it seemingly so hard for everyone to acc this? bpm changes and 1/3s?

and huge jumps between some streams making it difficult to start them properly.
Still, I had good acc runs (and so did index I guess), but we couldn't FC it then.

https://osu.ppy.sh/p/beatmap?b=523376&m=0 What would you rate this map from 1-10. Not the song but the map itself

Very stiff, 7.2/10

What is your fetish?


what's your favorite osu meme video?

most of these are not funny, cringy and in overall NA humour

Zakładam, że i tak będę grać tylko hdhr i nie marnując czasu chce się uczyć grać z tymi 2 modami. Tylko czy nie jest lepiej nauczyć się grać z nimi osobno?

roznica miedzy hd a hr jest kolosalna.
roznica miedzy hr a hdhr juz nie.
Odpowiedz sobie sam

I never thought I would appreciate the hardware dpi switch on zowie mice. Most other mice have annoying gimmicky software to manage that crap. Only issue I have is the lack of a way to disable the side buttons.

What's funny is that people consider it being a flaw and the reason is that you have to "unplug the mouse and plug it again pressing a combination when you could do it with your software". Like wtf are they all fat nerds or what, this doesn't take longer than launching the driver utility and clicking on the desired option. My question is how often you need to change the polling rate or LOD? Certainly not everyday and probably less often than once in a month. I prefer no software because I can use it anywhere anytime without the hassle of downloading and later updating the soft. Pure bliss.

Czy twoim zdaniem warto dopłacić do podświetlenia w klawiaturze ?

No za darmo nie dostaniesz, to oczywiście trzeba dopłacić.
Jak Cię stać to bierz, zawsze się może w nocy przydać.

you should do a review of your mouse and personal experiences.

Well then, okay. It will not be as much a review, there's a lot on the net I can imagine.
What struck me the most at the beginning is the coating. I can imagine all recent Zowie mice have this now, but my old FK would get slippery due to the sweat. With ZA13 there is TOTALLY no issue with sweat. What's more, the coating grips your hand so firmly that when you move your mouse fast (like in osu!) the heavy friction makes your fingers warm, that's actually cool as fuck.
As I said earlier, I chose the smallest model out of curiosity. I was sure I will have problems (and I do) with very wide jumps, but I think I can nail them with enough practice. The plusses are it is extremely light and somehow naturally modified my old FK grip to the current one which seems to be awesome when it comes to fast jumps. I had serious problems with maps like Once Again or Diamond with DT, now I can totally do them (as some people saw on the stream).
Nothing innovative can be said about the sensor, it's virtually flawless and probably the best in the industry at the moment. I'd love to have 600DPI option but well, you can't have everything. The dpi steps are standard, something that was missing in the old FK (which was 450 - 1150 - 2300) so nothing really to complain about.
It also seems that Zowie learned their lesson and now all their mice have durable and unfaulty scroll wheels (which sometimes malfunctioned) and buttons (click latency problem).
Like, really. I literally searched the phrase "zowie za series problem" and nothing major appeared for me. I think this mouse might be one of the kings of quality.
What caught me by surprise were the skates. Maybe it's only that they are brand new, but seemed to be so fucking perfect, I tried other brand new mice in some department stores and they couldn't get on ZA's level.
The cord - it is very often an issue when a cord is threaded and over time it gets frayed and creates a lot of unwanted friction - here not an issue. The cord is elastic and creates little friction so you shouldn't have issues even without mouse bungee.
Pretty much the only thing you might complain is the shape, but this is a matter of personal preference. Ambidextrous mice sometimes may not match the owner's liking because they are made for everyone to use and therefore not specifically profiled.
tl;dr If the shape fits your needs - go for it. It's worth the money.

What's your mic?

Tracer S4
Now you know what not to buy :D

Is it fair that reese gets money by uploading osu plays not made by him?

sly fox


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