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random thoughts ?🍃 staif

Its a tough competition btw Major project n Bahubali on 28th April! Alhamdullilah Prepared for Bahubali but unfortunately major project work is in pending!
Major Project Viva On 28th April , 2017. #ZindagiKehKeLeyRahiHai
Final Year 4-2 Exams from 2nd May!
Hm honge all pass
hm honge all pass
hm honge all pass ek din....
ho ho likhte hai bakhwas
phir bhi hai vishwas
result hoga jhakas ek din!
Acha Chalta hunn dua'on me yaad rakhna mere ziikar'rr ka zuban pe swadh rakhna!
Bye Bye! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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5r random facts about you?

- I was born in 1994.
I’m a Capricorn but I know it doesn’t mean anything.
I’m 6'0”.
-I went through depression 3 year and a half ago which completely shifted my life and way of thinking. I believe the entire world is going to go through something similar.
- I love soccer
- And I never smoked a cigarette. but addicted to hookah!
- I have never read a book in my entire life.
- I love it when I see things the way I want to see them. But I also make sure that no one notice it unless I disclose about it.
- I’m a good listener but if I get excited about the topic then expect frequent interruption.
- I sound rude until you get to know me.
- I don’t give compliments unless I feel that you truly deserve it
- I’m still single.
- I think and overthink about almost everything.
- I can spend countless hours doing nothing but thinking.
- I can live without the Internet or even a PC if I want.
I rarely give promises.
- There was a time when I was addicted (sort of) to Facebook. now askfm!
- my English grades were horrible when I was at school. now I'm in engineering still no change. horrible transferred into even worst!
- I like people who display their real name on social media.
-And yeah, I love being me. ♥

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Tag most shareef girl 😉

Shareef ladkiyon ka zamana nahi raha
Hume aisi ladki chahiye Jo LIGHTS CIGARETTE peeti ho ,
Jisse Hookah pasand ho ,
Chahre se Moghal aur Ankhon se Arab ho ,
Jisse dekhte he dil se awaz aaye Waahhhhh,
Jisse Designing pasand ho,
Chahe choti ho ya moti ho dil ki achi honi chahiye,
Salman Khan ki fan hogi toh b chalegi! But shayad he koi hogi aisi!
Shareef girl's situation is like
Andhe ki biwi ko behra utha kar le gaya,
or gunge ne dekh liya to gunga andhe ko kaise batayega!

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