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In your eyes, what is ignorance?

Acknowledging and being content with knowing nothing about the way that other people live their lives / knowingly surrounding yourself with people who are only like yourself / blindly accepting the stereotypes that society has put into place and/or much much more, there are so many different forms if it

Upcoming movie(s) you wanna see? Free time to go? Buttered popcorn?

Ummm are you asking me on a date via ask.fm? Lol but I do wanna see this movie coming out soon called "You're Next" that's supposed to be scary as hell...since you asked...
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Okay, you get to pick 1 super power to have for the rest of your life. Lay it on me.

I was gonna say mind reading but I feel like that would be overwhelming soo I'll go with a super-high metabolism :) lol
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