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The answer to the 'rape question' really inspired me. I'm Indian and I know it happens a lot in that country but to be honest they get no where in life killig innocent girls. I like how your answer represented that. Good job man.

I just depicted the reality in a paragraph. I'm glad that it inspired you. I'll be the happiest when it will help those savages out there not to commit such a sin.

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why is India the rape capital of the world?

Okay so, I'm a big patriot. It hurts to receive a question like this, but then at the very same time running away from the reality won't help too. The mentality of men slightly differs, men will be men. but then what is the major reason of such an image of India is implementation of proper laws. India being the biggest democracy is itself a cause of this. In India, punishment of this crime might be good enough, but then how many people are actually punished? People do not have the fear of getting penalized because they are aware of how poorly the system works over here. Well anyway, majority of people might have turned into savages due to poor law implementation in India, but at the very same time there are people who goes out on the road to protest against those very citizens. There are people you find it a shame to portray such sort of image up in front of the world. There are people who are trying to work this through. But being a common citizen there is not much we can do until the government will be helping us. To whosoever asked this question, I'll just like to let you know that there might be people who do not bother about the message they give involving in such crimes, but at the very same time, we try to raise our voice against the very same.

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