I'm 13 and I want to know how to stop getting in trouble at school how I can become a better person and how I can stop getting angry at authority.

Chris Ibarra
Hi Chris how to keep yourself out of trouble 1.stay busy and active join a sports team 2.join a club.3.go volunteer.4.be an active student.5.read a book 6.create something.having good influences 1.follow your instincts.2.Spend time with your family.3.Avoid the wrong people.4.make friends who are positive influences.5.develop positive relationships with your teacher.6.Find a role model.avoiding conflict 1.don’t gossip.2.don’t try to reason with the people.3.Avoid fighting.4. Don’t talk back to your teacher.5.be polite to everyone.6.take good care of yourself.how to be a better you.1.Find a hobby 2.clean it out getting rid of old items you no longer use.3.get volunteer 4.have some fun go to the beach or hang with positive friends.5.Stay positive.how to deal with anger.1.think before you speak.2.once you’re calm,express your anger.3.get some exercise.4.take a time out.listen to some good music like don’t overthink by Tae Brooks.always work.5.be around positive people work.mean you are 13 year old you have your whole life to live.and stay in school it will workout
Shaleigh isom also answered this question with: "Just avoid bad things at all cost it's probably bad influences so"