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Have any of your animals been on heartland and if they have which ones

My dog Remi plays Georgie's dog on the show. My cat Mouzer was the little kitten Amy brought home in her coat. My cats, rabbit, doves, and even a peacock have been included in Scott's vet clinic scenes as background animals.

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When did you start horseriding? (Age)


I started riding when I was 4. I have a more in depth answer on this page near the beginning.

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What is your real horses name?

Katelyn atwood

I have three horses. Cash is a 5 year old buckskin Quarter Horse who I have had since he was two months old. Hawk is a black Quarter Horse that is 7. I got him 2.5 years ago. Talon is a black Miniature Horse and is 5. I brought him home 2 years ago. All three horses were included in our wedding, but none have been on Heartland before since our insurance company finds it easiest to insure horses from one source. John Scott owns 95% of the horses you see the on show. The other 5% are trick horses we use for a specific skill (like trick riding, liberty work such as rearing, or laying down on cue). You can see photos of my horses on Instagram (amber_marshall_farm) under #ambershorses

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How did you and Ty even deliver loud baby like wasn't that hard or something and since she couldn't go to the hospital like make it in time would she have to go to the hospital after you guys delivered it to get cheated out to make sure Lou was alright

Brooklin Sutherland

Heartland is all scripted and therefore all pretend. The baby we used (as new born Katie) was 2 months old (she was born prematurely and was a twin that's why she was so small). I'm sure in the world of Heartland Lou and the family went to the doctor after to have them checked out.

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Do you have Instagram and if u do what's your name

Makayla Blaize

Yes I do! Amber_Marshall_Farm

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Amber do you and Shawn do any type of a exercise program? From experience I know how farm work can be. One of the best exercise programs out there. But I remember you running to get ready to race Dexter. Got me wondering. I am a Physical Education teacher. Core and legs has a lot to do with riding.

Les Cline

We both find our physical daily routines keep us very active and in shape. We do not have a structured work out routine that we follow. As you said, life on a farm is involved and keeps us very fit! :)

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Was that food fight with the untasty birthday cake on heartland staged or just happened in the moment?

Lydia Gill

Haha good question... But everything you see is scripted. We would get in a whole lot of trouble if we randomly broke out in a good fight as the hair, make-up and wardrobe departments would not be prepared to re-do our look in order to do another take. For that scene we had multiples of the same outfit so we could change our clothes after each take.

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What time to what time you're on the set of heartland?

Amber Fleming

Depends on the day, but typically I leave my house at 5am and get home at 7pm.

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How would you feel if you had to go an extended period of time without any animals in your household?

Christina Hamlin

Like something was missing. When I first moved out to Alberta, I was living in a condo all by myself with no animals. I managed one week before I adopted a barn kitten I named Chevy.

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Do you ever get the urge to want to correct someone's spelling on your Instagram? I have to force myself not to correct their spelling lol

Kelsie Rutherford

Hahaha!!! The funny thing is; what bothers me is how social media and texting have created such poor writing skills in children. Is it really that much more difficult to say "you" instead of "u" and what is with all these "ILYSM" are we that lazy as a society we can't spell out how we actually feel? Thanks Kelsie for sending me on that rant...

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Are you and Shawn cared your animals for yourselfes or someone help to you and Shawn? (Sorry for mistakes I'm not canadian)


Yes Shawn and I look after our animals on our own. When we go away for a vacation we have close friends that will come and house sit for us and look after the animals.

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Do you brand your horses?

Faith Williams

No, I only have three horses and I do not breed them. Typically brands are for a larger herd so ranchers can keep track of previous horses sold or to deter theft. My horse Hawk has a freeze brand from his birth home, and so does Tango, but they are not my brands.

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HI we have chickens and in the winter time we have to put Vaseline jelly on their feet to protect them from the cold. I was wondering if you have to do the same for your chickens? And if so, Is it one of your least favorite chores to do?

Miriam smith

Are you sure that is done for the cold and not to treat Leg Mites? I have never had a problem with the cold affecting my birds, but they have a heated coop. I know that Vaseline is a great aid for treating Leg Mites though!

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Is the hairstyle for Amy Fleming going to be the same as the previous seasons in season 8?

Richelle Mason

As far as the length and colour yes, we have not changed a thing... However we are going to style it a little different (on my request) as I feel as though Amy's look should mature as she ages on the show. It has been the exact same for the last 7 years... And really what women never changes their look? Lol

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How old would you want to be when you have kids?


For me that is not a question about age, but a question about state of mind. I do not believe there is a certain age to have children, I think kids should be brought into a stable environment when the parents are ready for the commitment of raising another being. For me and my husband; we want to have children, but with our 75 hour work weeks, it just doesn't seem fair to a child. Once Heartland slows down we will start a family.

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Do your cows get their hooves trimmed just like horses do?

Emili Harris

Yes they do! But not near as often as horses. My cows were trimmed last month, but they only need to be done roughly every 2 years. It depends on the terrain the cattle are kept in how often they need trimming. If they are on very soft ground with little movement they will need to be trimmed more often than cattle who have large grazing areas where they wear down their feet naturally.

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What kind of perfume do you use?

I have never worn perfume. I believe we all have a natural sent... And as long as we clean regularly why try and change that?

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when are you and the rest of the heartlandcrew going to start shooting the new season of heartland?


We go to camera (that means the first day of filming) on May 12th! (So in 2 days!) the new season will be on CBC sometime in late September/early October.

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You've been a huge inspiration to me and I was wondering if you could give me advice on how to make friends? :-) I have social anxiety and I'm not really good at it...

Megan Wrocklage

One of the best ways to meet new people is when you are doing something you love. Also if you are focused on a task you enjoy, the anxiety of meeting new people is not as apparent. For example, if you love animals - start volunteering at an animal shelter. Explain your anxiety and maybe start working during the "off or closed hours" when there are not many people around. The more comfortable you become with the space and your routine, the easier it will be to adapt to new people. Sometimes the best friendships are formed when you are not out seeking a friend, but just enjoying being with yourself.

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I don't know if you are allowed to answer this but: Is the wedding that Graham mentioned going to happen this season?

Kelsey Budde

I guess you will just have to watch and find out.... But would Graham lie??

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Have you ever been injured on set? If so from what


No, none of the actors have ever been injured on set.

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Haha I have a couple questions, sorry! But do you ever get time to yourself? You're always so busy working with animals or on heartland but do you ever get to say, "Shawn, do the work, this is a me day" and wake up at noon and eat whatever and, I don't know, watch TV? :) or does that even sound fun?


Hahaha, I physically can't not be busy. My mind and body won't let me. In fact, I find it challenging to sit down... Shawn usually has to force me to sit on the couch in the evening... Otherwise I find something to clean or organize and won't stop until I go to sleep. So to answer your question; my "me" time is when I'm doing what I love, like organizing things or cleaning animal pens, or watching the animals interact.

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Have you ever leased a horse before buying one? And if so how long did you lease him/her?


Yes I leased a horse for a year before getting my own to be sure I could handle the responsibility.

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Hey amber I was just wondering what happened to lobo off of heartland please anwser


Lobo is played by a dog named Nitro. Nitro has been on many sets in his long life and is now in his elderly years. His owner was worried that being on Heartland was too much for him and so he is living a life of luxury now.

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I love you and your acting on heartland! It's just absolutely amazing! But I was just wondering what you are planing to so when heartland is done? (I never want it to be done ever) and ALSO I ordered the same bedding as you have when you were posting pics of your house and the rooms on Instagram :)

Haha well first off, you will love the bedding... It's beautiful! And as far as life after Heartland, I'm leaving my options open. I love Real Estate, so I will probably still dabble in that. (I buy and sell houses currently, and am the landlord of my 6 rental units) I also want to be a mom, and make sure to give my kids plenty of my time. I love farming, and once Heartland is over I hope to spend more time raising cattle, harvesting hay, having a big vegetable garden, and everything else that goes with self-sustainable living! I also am still happy to be in the Alberta film & television industry... So we shall see what the future holds.

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