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What is your relationship status?

I'm single but I ain't mingling. I genuinely care for someone so much, they literally changed my whole world and I won't let that go, not for a long time anyway.
I have doubts things will work out the way I hope between us, but one can only hope.. They make me very happy.

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I'd rather remain anonymous. Listen, I know your life is messed up, I've been in it, but you're so much more than you think you are. You once told me I have the potential to be something more, and that the mind is a box that traps you inside. Now I'm telling you.

I've never been good at taking my own advice, only giving it.

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I've always loved you, I'll never stop. No one has ever been able to make me feel the way you made me feel. You're irreplaceable. The way you can walk into a room and bring the attention of any stranger with your qwerky and confident, yet shy attitude astounds me. Please be happy, you're beautiful.

Who is this?

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