Ask @Amberdawnnncraven:

Who do you trust most in your life?

My Dad. He's always there for me. Always takes up for me over anybody. Has always been there and put me first. No matter what. For a father that didn't even make you himself and adopted you, and still loves you like your his own, and does everything he can for you and to support you as his daughter. Yeah I have the best dad in the world and I trust him more than anyone or anything because he and my little brother are the only ones who have never hurt me.

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How quickly have you fallen in and out of love?

About a month, I fell in. That was just online talking and texting. If you count the first time we hung out, it was day 1 I started falling. As for out, never happened. You don't just stop loving someone. You can want them out of your life, but you can't stop loving someone you once loved. Not for a while anyways.

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Do you think you get more mature by getting older?

No. I think you mature by what you've been through and what your going through. There are 50 year olds who still act 10 and then there are 16 year olds who act 30. It's all in what you've been through. I'm only 20 and I've been too mature for my age for years now like I act like a 30 year old on my maturity levels. But there are some who don't ever grow up and act 10 until the day they die because they just don't understand how to grow up, they haven't been through or seen things that other mature people have.

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