Ask @Amch__:

When u r alone what u do?

I find every eatables in the kitchen & put them in the juicer machine & make new recipes lol. For example the last time when i was alone i made "WAE Prince Choco Butter"....
W for walnuts, A for Almonds, E for eggs, P for Prince biscuit because Oreo nai mila tha, liquid chocolate, Desi butter aur Desi Gurh.... ka mixture lol 😝

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Is it possible to stay friends with a person you have loved before?

NO in capitals.... ahh but their is a possibility that both of you are separately married & are happy in your lives & are mature enough to convert that love into friendship kinda relation with your soulmates permission. Yahan Mard ka apnay app ko control me rakhna bht zarori hai otherwise two homes will get destroyed. But aisa bht mushkil hai.

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Relationships always go through a period of disagreement, this means it is the end of the relationship?

Yes it might be an end if one from both of you is immature... for me maturity is the backbone for a healthy relationship and there should also be a self-space kinda thing in the relationship from both sides. Because the female gender is more likely to be live in a fantasy or a dream to be cared & loved 24 hours and not realizing that we men also have to make the carrier, we have family, friends & blah blah.... same is the case with men, lol women also have their home, education, family, bartan dhona etc etc... so self-space is way important too.
Aksar relationships isi waja se toot jatay hein ya too wo long distance relationship hotay hein ya phr is bat pe ke tum mujhay time nai dete/deti.... period.

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