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Sorry to say this but, being a good person doesn't get you loved. It gets you used.

I used to think the same but when I gave it a thought everything changed for me. Usually we do things so that the other person can appreciate or acknowledge it at least but why? Why can't we do good things and expect nothing in return ik it's very difficult but if we are a good person why should we stop doing good things just because others are mean etc. The point is don't stop to be a good person if the world is mean or not acknowledging your deeds. Once you will understand this everything will be easy for you trust me.

There is something I'm very ashamed about, mujhe sahi se namaz parhni nahi ati. I can't ask anyone kyun k judgements. Ab me kya karun, koi solution jis se me khud Seekh lun sahi se? Please serious answers only because ramzan are approaching and I want to learn it before that.

It's alright I can teach you if u like


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