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Shes a total keeper. Im sure i aint going nowhere

Well you're such a lucky guy 😂 hahaha bukan apa just tbh i felt sorry for girls cause some of them are not so lucky . played by us i mean boys . Not all us are the same but still. u get waht i mean right 😅 so make sure u guys stay happy. eventho u n me tak kenal. But yeah , its good tho ur respect me. and u will get what u give 🤔 tk sure tu betul or not. haaha whatever. Good luck buddy 👍

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+3 answers in: “Is it weird that i miss her eventhough i just met her just now”

Bukannya...saya takde hak ke nak tanya tu miu? Hahaha like who am i to question him?.. Dah kenal lama miu

No no mmg tak ada. but not with high pitched voice. guna nada slow like. slow talk . Tanya baik baik 😊😊😊😊 i bet he will understand

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+3 answers in: “Ada laki ni dia text saya everyday all sweet and stuff tp on ig he tags someone else and has hearts and is his sayang.. Idk why he still sweet talks with What does it mean miuuuu?”