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Vote! which photo looks better? ALL PHOTO CREDITS COPYRIGHT GOES TO @chonni_xD on instagram. Follow my chingu if you are interested in his/her photography. 그는 제 친구입니다. 넌 항상 나를 미소짓게해. 생각할 수 있는 모든 분야에서, 너는 놀랍고 모든 사람을 행복하게 해. 나의 영감이 되어 줘서 고마워. 계속해서 너의 꿈을 이루며 사고, 네가 좋아하는 일들을 해. 지금 네 모습 그대로 완벽하니까 너


Read before you act (Only for the Lady's, sorry if any guys got this question, sorry mate) OK Would u date A. A GUY WITH MONEY or B. A GUY WITH A BIG HEART

Shallow Ladies would choose A and legit ladies choose B
Honestly, money does play a factor since women do consider if men would be able to financially support them in a stable relationship . Guys can have a big heart and treat them right but it comes hand in hand depending on the type of women you are with.

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