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Space .. 🦋💛

At the end humans subconsciously search for love in every person they meet .
They hope to meet that human that would love them untill they become the best version of themselves... They dream to find the fairytale they were told when they were young .
But when they grow , they figure that love is someone who would accept ur flaws.. Someone who would fight for u till the end .
You'll realise that love isn't perfect like movies , books or fairytales
It's painful but real ... It's the only thing that keeps us going in life🌼

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من هو الصّديق الحقيقي؟

ان يفهم صمتى كما يفهم حديثى
ان يرى في عينى ما لا يراه الناس
ان يفهم حاجتى للعزله كما يفهم حاجتى للفرح
ان يخلق من اليوم العادى مناسبه ليهدينى صوته وضحكته

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Space ❤

سلاما الى تلك اللحظات الساميه التى قاربت فيها الامساك بأجنحه الملائكه
الى كل دقائق المتعه الصافيه التى نسيت فيها نفسي والزمن وكل شئ
الى كل يوم مر على في حياتى وكأنه ليله حب وحيدة واخيرة ..💙

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