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*That was the quickest punch in the face lmao* *he screams like a girl and rolls around on the floor holding his face* MY BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL FACE!! AAAAAH!!! I thought we could be FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS! I WANT YOUR BABIES!!

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Yeah NO. *she stomps down on his skull oof Ana aint pulling no punches*


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*he promptly gets punched in his jaw so hard it cracks*I might be single but im NOT interested! *growls*
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"No he is not worth it, just gimme a few minutes" *She spreads her wings as her halo reappears, a soft golden glow around her, Ana's soul appears in front of Nova's outstretched hand and she uses her celestial power to send @CrossingOutNames XChara to hell for awhile*

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*she sighs her human form starts to glitch she gives a saddened smile it wouldn't be long till she was back to normal*

"Good thing you don't have Determination or you could use the Overwrite. That's why he went after me before, well that and he's perving on me but not much I can do about that. Though I might be able to send him to hell for a bit, err half-angel."

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Angel?*tilts *Interesting..I could use having him removed from me.. Though I would miss this form the brat isn't worth it.

"It can happen, honestly I'm surprised you have as much control as you do with that brat @CrossingOutNames possessing you."

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Kiddo I have a shit ton of other human and monsters souls inside of me. He has ta fight hard for control. I might not have determination but I sure as hell wont let him get the best of me. * its harder to fully control her amalgamated self hell even sometimes she cant control herself*

*Nova removes the blade, though she is ready in case Ana acts up again* "Don't think I actually introduced myself, name's Nova, or that's the name I gave myself anyway."

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Anarchy but I call myself Ana.*she huffs getting up rubbing her injured spots it soons heals leaving a new "tattoo" on her skin* Tsk.. More to my collection. Sorry about fighting ya for no reason kinda got worked up..

"Don't be sorry for what humans did to me, and you don't have to forgive the people who hurt you either. But there's no reason to destroy everything you come across, if you do, you'd become exactly what they meant for you to be. The best revenge would be living your own life."

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....*she looks to side*It's been easier to forget everything to have no past because the memories hurt .. I lash out because it seems easier.*she seemed to calm down*

I was just like you, I am still like you, I barely can control what I can do *She gets her aura back under control so as not to blind her, Nova gives Ana some of her Facility memories and especially the image of the brand on her back* "I was just a number to them, I made myself who I am now."

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I k!lled everyone in my timeline over and over in frustration.. It never mattered they shunned me whether I tried to be good or not. It was easier not to care about anyone.. *her tears increased seeing Nova's memories*I'm sorry..

*With her now disabled, Nova kneels in front of her, eyes filled with kindness this time* "My name is Nova, and like you I had people try to make me into a weapon, but I defy that fate. I will be who I want to be not what they wanted me to be. Will you defy the fate they wanted for you?"

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It hurts.. *tears flow from her eyes* They hurt me I want everyone to suffer like I have. They treated me like a monster so I became one . I am Anarchy designed to destroy everything..it's not fair. I never asked to be so DESTRUCTIVE.

*she teleports behind Ana, lodging a blade between her vertebrae, paralyzing her until Nova repairs the damage* "This could have been fun, but we would have cause way too much destruction. Don't be the weapon they wanted you to be."

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*They had totaled the area around them she made the battle field but luckily it was mostly contained even if so devastating*Sh-- *she collapsed *

*Except the shield is actually hurricane force gales, the powerful gusts throwing any attack off course, but knowing that won't be enough for this, Nova creates refractive crystals which concentrate and redirect the beam right back at Ana*

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*she is dazed it seems her own attacks seem to stun her she opens her wings wide sending explosive blade feathers at nova she was trying her damnedest to k!ll her opponent sadly it wouldn't work*

*There's another bright flash, except it doesn't fade Nova's let go of the glamour that hides her Celestial Aura, the attacks just seem to bounce away as if hitting an invisible shield*

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*she growls her wings glowing bright as she unleashes a massive burst of energy destroying everything in it's path similar to a over power gaster blaster in hopes of breaking her shield *

*Icy eyes stare right back as her wings erupt from her back, her feathers sharp as blades coming down on her attacker. Her Halo appears above her head as well as in a flash of light she escapes Ana's grasp*

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*she destroys the ground around herself in enraged flinging massively sized razor like blades at Nova in attempt to impale her Ana had reverted back to her "old self" she was super destructive and violent in her early years no wonder shes so guilted by her past she used to be ruthless. She wont stop attacking until her target is gone.*

"Fuuck I'm gonna have to deal with this now aren't I?"

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*in a blink/flash Ana had snatched up Nova by the throat slamming her into a wall with such force it nearly shattered her spine from the impact/ force behind her it's unclear who's in charge mentally right now* .... * Her icy stare burns into Nova *


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