Ask @AnastasiaIg71:

What advice would you give to children today?

Don't listen to any established group and what they try to convince you of. Read, read, read, then go travel and explore and openly look at the world and try to understand it rather than judge it. Exercise and learn self defense. Indulge your interests and talents lushly, but get a strong tech degree (science, biology, tech, electronics NOT business) that will give you a real world scientific skill that would help you survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse or spaceship escape from earth. You DO NOT want to be one of the useless detritus of humanity that get left behind because their only discernible skill is consumption of others resources, but you also don't want to wake up when you're 40 and realize you hate your career because you never did the things that fulfill your creative side. Pretend you're going to be a movie-style super spy...what would you need to know? How to hack a computer and speak 5 language, defend yourself and understand others motives. If you have any spiritual beliefs, respect them, but no more or less than you respect others.

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When did you first fall in love?

16 years old... Actually, there was a boy when I was in grade school who I remember considering SO important and I was crushed when he didn't return to school the next year. I ached a little over the summer waiting to see him again, and he wasn't there. I found out 10 years later in high-school that his brother had died and they were forced to move away.

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