Ask @AndersHerzberg:

If Trump is elected how much and if anything, what do you think he will achieve?

It depends on how much the congress is willing to work with him. The GOP "never Trump-ers" might fall in line but the Dems will keep being an obstacle. I just worry that he'll take the easy way out with executive orders instead of respecting the process. But could he achieve something real, possibly. Especially when it comes to defending the 2nd Amendment. But just by winning it will achieve what I want, showing the GOP and the Dems that you can no longer win by ignoring the wishes of the electorate. Trump has done a lot already but if he goes down the GOP might go back to business as usual and that scares me.

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Do you think Hillary being elected will result in world war 3?

Not WW3 but probably a new Cold War. I doubt she will get us into out and out conflicts but more proxy wars and muddling in the Middle East where we don't need to be when there are bigger things at home. I'm tired of sending our troops to back up "rebels" who will turn on us sooner or later and set up even worse regimes.

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