What are soft skills and how do they help me find and keep a job?

The term "soft skills" refers to the skill set that makes you a valuable employee in any job. It includes good work ethic, timeliness, good interpersonal skills and the ability to self-manage. When you combine those skills, it does not matter what field the person is in; he or she is likely to be a valuable employee. In fact, many hiring managers note that they can train almost anyone for a particular job; what they want is someone who already has the soft skills that are valuable in an employee.
In certain fields, some soft skills are more important than others. For example, in sales, strong interpersonal communication skills are essential, while a computer repair technician might need more problem-solving ability. Showing off your soft skills on a resume is extremely important, so be sure to include this information throughout the document. Use words like "self-starter," "highly motivated," "problem-solving abilities" and even "time management."
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