What type of work should I do before landing my "dream job?"

Depending on the field you are in, a job in a certain area may be a stepping stone to future employment. For example, if your career goal is to manage a retail store, you may find that taking a job as a clerk in that store will lead you to the management track, especially if you do a very good job with the less responsible position. "Managers love to promote from within because the employee is already a known quantity," says Andrea Doven, a human resources expert. Depending on the field in which you work, even mopping the floor can open doors to new opportunities.
One of the key things about this strategy, however, is that you must be willing to do a superior job at the small position before moving on to the larger position. When you show your employer that you are willing to do a good job with small things, he or she is much more likely to allow you more responsibility at a higher-paying job.
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