What kinds of support should human resources provide?

According to Andrea Doven, human resources experts provide much more than just "hiring and firing" to the companies for which they work. "Human resources encompasses everything to do with the workforce and the people that make it up," says Doven, a 25-year veteran of several important HR departments, including that of Odin Films. According to Doven, human resources provides a wide range of support for employees, including benefits management, conflict resolution, training and education, emergency services and other valuable resources. "You can go to your HR department if you feel you are being discriminated against or harassed; if you have a family emergency and need help; or if you want information on how to further your career," says Doven.
If you are having trouble working with your HR department, or if your company is not providing all of the services it should, speak with your manager or supervisor. It may be that you can access benefits and help you did not realize were available.
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