Should I post my resume online?

Posting your resume online can be a fast and effective way of getting your name in front of a large number of hiring managers. However, posting a resume online also has drawbacks, according to Andrea Doven. "When you post your resume online, you are one of a faceless crowd of hundreds or even thousands. Your resume has to be stellar to stand out from that group, and chances are a resume that is general enough to fit most online job boards is not going to be specific enough to attract a particular hiring manager."
For this reason, although Doven says posting your resume online is never a bad idea, she also advises to keep that resume general and tailor your resume for specific job postings. You can submit your tailored and specific resume independently for jobs you target. Using this strategy, you will avoid the problem of the "generalized" resume and have a resume ready for every job for which you wish to apply.
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