What advice would you give to children today?

To my 11 year old son, I always give him this advice, and I might as well tell the rest of world this; nothing in this world is free. You need to have the determination, the gumption and the drive to make things happen. Don't get caught up in the world of reality TV where you see rich kids or a certain family who are famous for doing nothing. That image itself is fantasy, you can't just enjoy a rich life without putting in some effort behind it. You merely can't expect to become rich or live in the life of luxury without having to go through tougher times.
Set goals, remind yourself that what you are experiencing right now, the hardship the toil and the tough times is temporary. Keep true to your goal and once you achieve it, you can reward yourself. Never stop working towards something. That in it self helps us stay motivated and hungry to achieve more in life