Ask @AndresChopped:

So I’ve been friends with this guy for little over a year now and he loved me and I well didnt have any feelings for him like he did for me. I just wanted only to be friends but it was hard to tell him that so I acted like I had a boyfriend and now he rarely ever talks to me /: What do I do now? :/

Forget about the past and just tell dat man the truth. Don’t you want him to be true to you? Just be real I’m sure he would appreciate the real talk.

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Where is the funniest place you have ever fallen asleep?

Funniest place I have ever fallen asleep was on
🛣95 in my Toyota Camry. I was coming back from meeting some friends on some like 4am still dark outside and I feel asleep while I was behind the wheel driving home on the highway. I very lightly scraped the metallic blk paint because the car touched one of those soft cones and I woke up again. A friend helped me and fixed the scratch to perfect again the next morning lol 😂 good timess

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