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Pretend you can declare your own national holiday. What would it be about?

Liberal Prime Minister Day - Celebrating Gladstone and partying like it's 1898

Well, not completely ready, but you weren't as blithely complacent as some. I found it astounding that the party poured hundreds of thousands into Montgomeryshire, a 'target seat' and seemed to take Brecon & Radnorshire for granted

I don't know the politics of welsh seats. but most of the targeting seemed to be fairly spot on at the time. In hindsight, they probbaly should have cut it to 20-30 seats. Then again, that's all it is. Hindsight.

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You seemed, more than most Liberal Democrats, to be conscious of what was going to happen last Thursday. A lot seemed to fool themselves by saying 'well, that may be true nationally but xxx constituency is different.' Do you think people will be prepared to be more realistic now?

Trust me I wasn't ready. I didn't know. I thought we'd be fine. Don't let me predict anything.
I think there'll be a reality adjustment period though. We're fuck all now. Time to rebuild

Who do you reckon will go? I think we mutually follow a couple of former Tories turned Lib Dems on Twitter

aha, i can tell you who'd drift left with the party. But i genuinely wouldn't want to point fingers.

Do you think any of the newer LD members will resign/defect if the party goes left? You have a couple of former Tories after all.

I'd imagine so. It'd be a difficult for most to stomach

Would you buy SummerSlam if William Hague was the guest referee in the main event?

God yes. Only to see him get the yes lock put on him, then an AA through the announce table

Would you rather a Lib/Lab coalition under Miliband or a tory majority under Cameron?

I'd rather Lib Dems were always in government implementing liberal policies.

Who will win the next general election?

My personal feeling it'll be a v.small minority for the Tories.

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