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why do you think people pick on you sometimes? because they do me the same so what's your input or advice???

yes that's one of the reason i won't go back to encamp because it wasn't a safe environment for my well being at all. I honestly don't know why people bother me I'm so fun to be around until you pick or make me into a joke out of my ways or race. But you can't get rid of ignorant people so🏾♂️ just ignore the bullshit

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How do you deal with negativity?

I really TRY to not read negative things about me because I know there's a good and a bad and you're gonna get both good and bad from people and I've processed that you can't control what people say/think about you but I really try to ignore it the best way possible but it's really hard though you have to have thick skin!! it's not easy especially when a lot of people like you that means 2x as many people are gonna hate you because they're just unhappy with themselves😕!!!

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