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PAP of where you want to be right now?!

Back to this cold November night in 2013. Being with each other, spending every waking moment that we could with each other, and our hands never disconnecting. A place that I felt safe, that I could actually be myself, and a place that made me feel like the most happiest man on earth. The arms that used to make me feel at home and those lips as soft as could be that made me fly.

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PAP of where you want to be right now

Is it weird to have one of your best friends dating your sister?

Not at all. He's liked her for a really long time and he has told me about it. He's a good man and treats her how she needs to be treated. It's so fucking stupid how everyone tries to get them to stop talking and I think it's pathetic that they go to his and her ex about it. Can anyone in the city of fucking Graham Texas not start drama for a little fucking bit? Leave them be.

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Why do you like Deziree so much? Lol she's a slut

Fuck off, she's an amazing person if you actually get to know her. Stop being such a fucking dick. I'm not usually a mean person but I am when it comes to assholes like you. How would you feel if someone tells you every single day that you're a fuck up, no one likes you, you need to die? Huh? Everyone deserves to be happy, so stop being so fucking rude to her.

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