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💢What do you see when you close your eyes?

Have you ever made sense connected to an artist you have not met and never met? It is a strange thing, because you simply feel that you connect with him beyond music, you feel that you can see the introverted and familiar boy beyond fame. That happened to me with Avicci but it's funny because he died a year ago and I just feel a connection. You feel that you understand him and are familiar to you...

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Post of the day?🎗

Being a woman is hard.
Do not you have big boobs? Hahaha, you're as flat as a board! Do you have big boobs? Hey, cover them, do not be vulgar.
Do not you have a big butt? What a horror, you look like a man. Do you have a big butt? Do not wear clothes that are too stuck, do not look for rape.
You are small? Girl please wear high heels. Very high? Hahahaha, giraffe. By the way, do not wear heels, you'll look taller than your partner.
You are thin? Eat something, anorexic! You are fat? Lose weight, everyone hate butter.
Do you use makeup? Surely you're unsure of yourself to use those kilograms of powder, what a fake you are. Do not you use makeup? Please, fix yourself a little.
And then they ask why we are so insecure, we have to listen to this type of comments every day.
And the worst thing is that most of the time these comments DO NOT COME FROM MEN BUT FOR OTHER WOMEN

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Post something worth reading?

Manasvi koshiy
Give me a suite at the Ritz hotel? I don't want that
Chanel's jewellery? I don't want that
Give me a limo, what would I do with it?
Pay me servants, what would I do with it?
A mansion in London? it's not for me
Offer me the Eiffel tower, what would I do with it?
I want love, joy, good spirit ❤️
Boy It's not your money that will make me happy
I want to die with a hand on my heart
Let's go together, let's discover my freedom,
Forget all prejudice, welcome to my reality ❤️
-ZAZ - Je veux ❤️

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Confess something? 😨

People do not be fooled by appearances, 90% of profile photos are snapchat filters. It's the closest thing we have to cosmetic surgery (and much cheaper)
People do not walk in the streets with dog ears coming out of their head, giant and bright eyes as if they were a pug with something stuck in the ass, neither with hearts that come out of any place . No, we do not bring flames out of our eyes either.
No one is as ugly or as beautiful as in their profile picture, so the next time you see a picture of me do not fall in love with me, it's not me, it's the filter.
We look like this ❤️ and we don't need to be perfect for be wonderful

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