Ask @Anepstein99:

Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?

If I could live in California, Santa Monica area, I’d be in heaven. Long term though I see myself in the mountains because I’m big into nature and who wouldn’t want to sit on their porch in the AM watching elk walk around. That’s so cool to me 😂 idk

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Has your hometown changed a lot since you were a kid? If so, how? Have the changes been for the better or worse?

Oh for sure. Las Vegas is a completely different place now compared to 10 heck even 5 years ago. In my personal opinion it’s for the worse- the people and the environment seem to be on a steady decline. So many girls I went to middle school with already have a kid (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, unless they’re unable to care for it). It’s just crazy to me how things you were once so familiar with end up being unrecognizable a few years later.

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