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Why does my friend say she misses me but never puts in effort to make plans?

Unfortunately she may not really miss you 😔 sorry

Does dreams come true ?

It’s like my mom always says, when there’s a will there’s a way, so if you really liked your dream then you can make it come true 💖💖💖

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How do you ask for help when you’re too stubborn to actually ask for help?

That is a hard question to answer 🤔 practice makes progress

Yes I miss my ex. NO. I don’t expect to be romantically involved etc. Just because someone admits to missing their ex doesn’t mean they’re lying. Stop starting stuff 🙄

Wait what??? What in the heck are you talking about???

Fav r&b song .. only answer if you listen … if you don’t let it Fly!????

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To be honest I don’t have a favorite one cause I like too many 🤣

Do you worry much ?

All the time about everything, it’s a part of life when you have a heart and care about the people in your life 💖

I’ve gotten cosmetic surgery, how do I tell my husband?

😮 the real question is how stable is your marriage, cause in a real good marriage decisions of any kind should’ve been discussed before making the decision, communication is everything


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