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Do you ever wish you did a relationship differently.. think about an ex you wish you could forget? How do you handle that..

no,because as much want to change what could be different it wouldn't make a difference because my ex was a huge jerk

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How is your love life

none existent,but i just want to focus on myself.
I also wouldn't date anyone on this app. People on here can be creeps

Do you think you are a good person?

fifteenandstronk9’s Profile PhotoStronk
Yes, i believe so i'm a good person. I treat people with kindness. I treat people how i want my pets to be treated with and that's kindness,positivity, and love

If your in a relationship but you meet somebody and fall in love with them literally at first site are you wrong for leaving the person you was with?

shane57644’s Profile Photoshane Uzzle
if you really like person you are currently dating you wouldn't even think of being with someone else


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