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Why do you love dubstep?

I love dubstep, thats why, theres no reason for loving it. You just love them. Dubstep calms me down lol

I heard that you've been to lots of nightclubs, is that true?

Yea several times during highschool and once on uni. But it never lasted longer than 10 mins. I hate nightclubs but i love the musics. Hoho
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Sorry to ask you again, what concert that you've been to?

Hmm dwp, sean kingston, tiesto, afrojack, hardwell, pitbull, westlife, rihanna, bruno mars, charice and lady gaga. I love miley cyrus since i was primary 4 or 5, well the hannah montana era, but i've never been to her concert before. There's one concert, the gypsy heart tour, i wanna attend her concert but she only came to the spanish speaking countries and of course, philliphines is one of em, but then, i have not reached my legal age.... So, yea.... My parents wont let me go for dat reason :--)))

I am so jealous of you. You're a new fan of seventeen, i heard that you're new in kpop world, but you went to seventeen's concert in korea on february, managed to buy all their official merchandises. And you are one of binus international students, you must be very rich. I really wish that i was you

What? Omg wkwkwkw well, i'm not that new tho, i knew kpop when i was on 7th grade. I knew a few songs and a few boyband but only the famous one. And then i fell in love with Shinee, starting from the lucifer era till the sherlock era, but i only bought their cd and never get hyped or something, i enjoyed their music but i love Miley Cyrus & EDM more than anything. (This is serious tho). And i did not stan for shinee as crazy as i did to seventeen, like following their fanbases or whatever, i knew their updates bcs of my friends whom is a kpoper. I went to a few concerts before, but not kpop concert, so yea that proly sums up everything, i guess.. Well, i'm not rich tho, i worked hard for it, my parents helped me. Try to saved money as much as you can. I'm sure someday you'll get what you want as well. Just be thankful because you are "you", y get what im sayin? Hahaha :D

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why you like judge nabila so much? she is good girl at school. forgive she mistake, nobody perfect

It's the reality, and whether we like it or not, people are entitled to their own opinions. It's called a personal prerogative and we alone held responsible for the things we said. Society is and will always be judgemental, however it's not a matter of acceptance, it's how you react and respond to those judgements which alone defines who you truly are and what you stand for. Beside, i'm not just judging, i'm stating the fact that she is a liar and a bastard who stole lots of money from the innocence who wants to buy their bias' official merchandise, which is dissappointing because all the "EXPENSIVE STUFFS" that arrived to their homes are a not-so-official-nor-original-because-its-a-goddamn-replica kind of stuffs. And she didnt even reply a single chat from the people that she deceived. I'm judging? You tell me~. Dont let her get into your brain, otherwise you might get a brainwashed or something. And tell you what, if you want me to forgive HER MISTAKES, ask her to REFUND ALL THE MONEY to her customers that she deceived, you think forgiving people is that easy? Try to put yourself in her customer' shoes instead of asking for her forgiveness. If you want me to forgive her, tell her to face me by herself and make a refund or something. Urg

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Kak, kk dpt smua merch seventeen dari ka angel ya?

??? aku beli dari diaaa, tp moi ngasih photocard hoshi, mingyu sama coups ?? sisanya aku beli ??? itupun dia jual rugi smua. @moicheonsa. Sisa photocardnya mau dijual lagi ☺️☺️ yg mau beli boleh tuh sama dia.
Kak kk dpt smua merch seventeen dari ka angel ya


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