ofra's liquid lipstick formula vs kylie's? also what was kathleen's 40 off code? only found the 30 off one so far

IDk I haven't tried ofra liquid lipsticks lmao and sorry I'm kinda tired just google n look around lol but I def used a 40 off code affiliated w Kathleen lights before

what's your favorite brush for contouring? favorite contour palette/shade too?

I don't rly have a fav contour palette cause I honestly like every one I own and I consistently use a different one everyday

oh my gosh annalise you are so beautiful!!!! i feel like every time i look at you you get prettier

Omg ilysm you're so nice I will smile for the next three days

Do you know where your friends got their prom dresses? They're all so pretty and all the stores I've looked at don't have as cute ones

Macy's, Bloomingdales, eBay LOL

where'd you get your prom dress?


What do you use for inner corner highlight for your eyes?

Whatever i use to highlight the rest of my face that day usually haha unless I have an all matte eye look

Can I wear BB cream instead of foundation?

Yeah of course LOl

What drugstore and highend mascaras would you reccommend? I don't like the too faced better than sex one it weighs down my lashes.. also any tips on making straight lashes stay curled?

Uhhhh honestly I always just use maybellines the falsies and I used to really like benefit they're real but I'm too cheap to buy it again when drugstore options exist ahhahaa honestly mascara is the few things drugstores do very well
And idk sorry my lashes are naturally curled :/

would i use a beauty blender or a brush to apply bb cream? or just my fingers? (i dont wear face make up but i want to)


what is your major

I'm doing this 5 year program where I get a BA in child development, MA in Education with an emphasis on teaching, and a elementary multiple subject teaching credential

which cetaphil moisturizer? does it contain spf? sorry for so many question!!

I don't think so

How do you find out about your beauty deals? Also, how do you like the kylie lip kit?

I am subscribed to a lot of websites so I get hella emails LOL. Also follow many beauty deal blogs and ya

Where do you do your giveaways?

Idk wherever I see them?? Instagram Twitter YouTube snapchat etc

favorite liquid lipsticks?

UHHH I haven't really tried too many but the best formulas I've found are doseofcolors and KVD by far

What are some eye shadow brushes you would recommend from morphe? Or any other brand?

I included some eye brushes in my answer below.

what makeup did you win?!

A bunch of random stuff like benefit hoola, too faced blush, Ardell lashes, benefit they're real mascara etc

what are your favorite brushes from morphe?

E4, e48, e1, m501, m523, m513, m459, m527, e13, m505, m139, e37, e53

when did you start really getting into makeup

Senior year!!!

is the cetaphil gentle skin cleaser good?

It's really really gentle so it's good for people with hella sensitive skin but it's not gonna clean your skin that much

i saw your tweets awhile ago they sell charlotte tillbury at dt's nordstrom!! I saw the display and you could probably check if they have it in store on their website

Thanks!! I was probably gonna buy it online cause I'm lazy but the price tag hurts my soul

30% OFRA with code Nikkie!!

40% off w kathleenlight's code ;) lol I already did an ofra haul

How do your parents feel about you buying makeup all the time? My parents complain but honestly I can't stop LOLOLO

They don't really know cause all my makeup is in my dorm room and I only take home some basics when I go home for the weekends LOL

Exo or bts?

That's really hard lol!! But being that my ultimate bias is and will forever be Kai, I guess I'll go with Exo but honestly they are such a mess

Thoughts about BTS? Aha

I love them!!! They're really talented and cool yet dorky and playful!! I don't have a bias cause it fluctuates so much between Jhope, Jimin, and Jungkook :/

Favorite beauty gurus?

Nikkietutorials, lustrelux, desiperkins, glamgurulife, jaclynhill, emilynoel83, Ginsmakeup


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