No plus you know better then to talk to old men anyways, I'm just willing to do it for you if you want to experience it not saying you would like it but who knows

Why would I want you to do it, nasty ass anon

Well its like if you wanted to do something with a boy there's no difference not like i'm asking to b.ang you... you get all the feelings i get nothing out of it

Oh fuck off, I want a boyfriend, not a hookup with some creep. Go.

I can be more if you want a boyfriend who gives you h.ead i'm your guy

I want a boyfriend my own age

you know not everyone is older then you

I don’t want someone who sends me anonymous online harassment

I'm 20 i want to taste your p.uss.y and make you feel good s.exually and emotionally

Fuck off, go find someone else to assault

You can lick 👅 my pu ssy

Your bio says you’re 13 and in a relationship...

You gotta block these people! Dont give them the satisfaction of an answer!

Aight :)