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I'm a big fan on JP's rollplay shows and i loved seeing you in the West Marchs. I can't wait to see you in Balance of Power. What first got you into Star Wars? What's your fondest memory of the series?

I honestly don't remember, it's one of those things I've loved forever and never really knew why. I think my fondest memory related to Star Wars was seeing Ep 3 and realizing that everything had been tied together after all those years. Very surreal feeling.
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What's the best burger place you've been too?

I don't know, probably some restaurant at a convention or something.

I bought Rainbow Six and I'm having lots of fun with it. Thanks for always playing it and giving me the chance to see it for myself. It's as much fun as it looks :D Have a lovely new year.

Glad you're enjoying it!

I was wondering if I could use the audio in your intro? Also, how did you make your intro/outros? Is there a way that I can get a super cool keychain of your logo? They are super cool just like you. :)

No, you have to pay for the rights to use the audio. The keychains are usually handed out at cons, so if you go to a con then probably!

How/where did you get such a good image of the inscription on Ciri's silver sword for your tattoo? The scene itself doesn't show the inscription that well, not all the lines are clear. Also the inscription was rather large. Why did you choose the part you chose for your tattoo? Thanks in advance <3

The game shows enough and I chose that because it was the part I cared about? I'm not understanding the question.

Hi Anne, you mentioned on a recent stream about getting more into the production / producing side of music. Could you expand on this? What is it you're wanting to do over what you've already been doing, music-wise?

Andy F
I don't know how to explain it better than that haha. More producing vs. less producing? More instrument tracks and effects vs. just recording the music and the vocals at the same time.

Do you have a favorite Overwatch weapon? Also what skin do you prefer on it?

Uh no not really. Widow's gun looks awesome with the Huntress skin + the gold skin.

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