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‏لا أستطيعّ الإبتعاد عنكِ وأخاف الإقتراب منكِ قُل لي أي الوجعين أخف؟.


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الالالا عضلاتك مقوية قلبك ياعم ??

داحنا لسه بنقول بسم الله فالچيم يعني.
هو قوي لوحده بعون الله.

اية اكتر حاجة نفسك تعملية دلوقتي

اسافر مع الأشخاص اللي نفسي اجرب السفر معاهم.

بيبقى عندك فضول تعرفى اللى بيسأل ولا مش بيفرق معاكى ؟

ع حسب السؤال، بس ف الأغلب مش بتفرق.

What is the most played song in your music library?

Don't have favorite - most played - one, all of them are the same XD

What’s something you should throw away, but can’t?

Maybe 4 months ago I could have an answer for that.
But now, I already threw it away..

مش عارف بحس حياتك غامضة ومحدش يعرف كل حاجة عنك


ردة فعلك لو شخص مقرّب قال لك: أريد الإبتعاد عنك كي لا أتعلّق بك؟

Let's do it!

What future invention are you impatiently waiting for?

I didn't think about that before 🤔
Give me some choices 🤷‍♀️

How long does it take for a guy to forget a girl whom he truly loved? She hurt him but so did he and he hurt her first and way more

He'll never forget her, but he can adapt to continue his life without her.


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