Ask @Anonymous12309779:

What is your attitude to smoking?

people smoke because they think it's cool....will it be cool in like 20 years from now whhenn th cancer takes over ? Will it be cool when your dead and you own children say "My parents i guess i should !" Will it be cool when you can't even make it to your childs wedding due to being dead/having lung cancer ? Will it be cool when your teeth fall out ? No ? Didnt think so.

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So, what should i do?

dump ur gf
.....u cant love someone wh controls u and is soo hit on other girls but f they truly love you they will coome back to u...due ur gf is too possesive. dump her ass. she cann find someone else to use.... u dont love her..... if anything shes probably forcing u into love and pressured love isnt true love at all.

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did you really go out with max?

Me and Max are friends...
He and Charlotte are in love... It's a beautiful kind of love... they are the cutest off and on couple...
They have been through breakups and depressions, but end up getting back together...
I honestly don't know why you're saying that....
We literally haven't known each other for more a week....
We aren't dating...
We never have.
I'd never do that to Charlotte.
Max is a great person, yes, but he isn't mine...
He's not meant to be mine.
@CharxSchmidt is a great person..
Again, I'd never do that to her....

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best friend quiz. tag ur friend and ask the following questions (the person u tag has to copy and paste this whole post and post it to ask the friend thehy tag.) -Whats their favorite food? -Fave color?-Which superstar would they wanna date?-Last boyfriend?-first kiss? -Hobby -brand of makeup? etc

@Mylove199 .. Food: Eggsalad --Color: Blue and purple-- Superstar they'd date: Ian Somerhalder (Damon from The Vampire Diaries!<33) -- Last Boyfriend: Max -- First kiss: Mason (age 7) (kissing boys since day one.. that's my gal!!)
-- Hobby: Baking, photography, reading, and writing books -- Brand of Makeup: MAC and E.L.F. and Bare Minerals and Mary Kay
Again @Mylove199

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