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Log mjhe har bar ghalat kyun smjhte hen

Meri jan,
Zindagi ki aik bohot Bari haqeeqat he k naa aap sab ko pasand aate hain aur na hi sab aap ko...
So it's okay if someone doesn't like us...
You will only be rewarded according to your nee'at and not according to what "person X" or "person Y" think of you...
Lehaza, focus on people who choose to see the good in you and value you for that...
Baki, ese log tou aate jate rehte hain...
Ye log hamari zindagi main sirf hamain aik sabak sikhane aate hain k how to not let everyone into your life...
And create boundaries.
Love and prayers your way.

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Whats the worst thing about memories

Yaadon ki sab se buri baat ye he, k wo tab aati hain jab un yaadon main mojood shaks, ya tou aap ko chor chuka hota he ya ye duniya chor chuka hota he.
In any case, wo takleef deti hain.
But Kher, takleef bhi zindagi ka aik hissa he.
Sab ko apne hisse ki bardasht karni parhti he so it's okay...

Why do we hide.

چُھپیں نہیں تو اور کیا کریں....؟
ظاہر ہو جائیں..؟
اپنی vulnerabilities کا مزاق بنتا دیکھیں..؟
یقین کریں، چُھپے ہوۓ ہیں تو تھوڑا محفوظ ہیں...
جس دن ظاہر ہو گۓ اُس دن آپ ، یا ہماری ذہنی اور قلبی حالت کو دیکھنے والے اُس منظر کی تاب نا لا سکیں گے...
ہم سہہ کر بھی بچ گۓ ہیں، آپ سُن کر ہی رو دیں گے..
ہم گُزر کر بھی بچ گۓ ہیں، آپ تصوُر سے ہے لرز جائیں گے...
ہاں ، اپنے آپ سے نہیں چُھپتے، وقتًا فوقتًا introspect کرتے رہتے ہیں...
خود ہی اپنے کندھے پر سر رکھ کر، خود سے ہی تلخیئے ایّام و حالات اور بےثباتیۓ دُنیا کا تذکرہ کر لیتے ہیں..
اور اس طرح خود ہی اپنی ہمت بندھا کر، روز رات اِس مرحلے سے گزرنے کے بعد ، ایک نۓ دن کا سامنا کرنے کے لیۓ تیار ہو جاتے ہیں...

Jis ne chaha mtlb k lie chaha

Meri jan, chahat main matlab nahi dekha jata...
Hamari generation ka concept about "Pyaar, Ishq and Mohobbat" bohot bigra hoa he..
Hum aksar pasandeedgi, zaroorat, khoahish aur chahat jese jazbaat ko MOHOBBAT ka naam de dete hain aur phir baad main mohobbat badnaam ho jaati he...
Mohobbat ka door door tak matlab se koi tal'luq he hi nahi....
Infact, mohobbat tou tahaf'fuz faraham karti he, khofzada nahi karti..
Mohobbat insan ko sambhaalti he, zaroorat k waqt hath nahi churaati..
Mohobbat dil rakhne ka naam he, dil torne ka nahi...
Mohobbat kisi bhi insan k mojooda zakham bharti he, un zakhmon main mazeed izaafa nahi karti...
Kyun k mohobbat ansoo poochne ka baa'is banti he, ansoo dene ka nahi..

Mazay ki baat ye he mohobbat ye saare counterproductive ikhtiyarat rakhne k baad bhi Inhe istimal nahi karti. Kyun k agar aap kisi se mohobbat karte hain tou usay nuksaan pohcha hi nahi sakte..
Aap apne mehboob ko chor tou sakte hain lekin usay takleef nahi de sakte.
Lehaza agar mohobbat k naam par sirf har tarha ki takleef di ja rahi he, agar sirf matlab ki hadh tak taluk rakha jaa raha he, tou wo tal'luq zaroorat par mub'ni he. Aur mohobbat k naam ka sirf sahara lia ja raha he agle insan ko bewakoof banane k liye..
Maaz'rat agar meri kisi baat se aap k ko kisi bhi kism ka dukh pohcha ho, but it is what it is, and it's always better to accept the reality.
I hope things get better for you..

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Shohor hota to us k liye dua krti.

Tou *shohar k haq main dua karne k liye *shohar ka hona zaroori tou nahi he.
He is not a part of your life but he must be existing somewhere on planet earth and must be dealing with the hardships of life...
Why to wait for him (whoever he might be) to come into your life and then only pray for him..
You can still pray for his existence (even though you don't know who he is), for him to stay safe and healthy and that may Allah Tala guide him in whatever he's doing in his life.....
Aap ki cheez he, aap k paas hi aani he, tou abhi bhi dua ki ja sakti he...

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Pap when u last meet the person u love the most. How did it feel

This is the only picture I have from the last time I met him, almost 5 months back...
- Mujhe mehsoos kesa hoa...?
- Hamesha ki tarha, jaamid-o-saaqit, San'nata, pur'asrariat, mohobbat, sakoot, sukoon, veerani, aur bhi bohot kuch, lekin agay ki baat rehne dete hain...
Pap when u last meet the person u love the most How did it feel

Feel very insecure and lack of confidence because of my face acne 😭

My whole Heart, My Jan, just some acne doesn't make you any less of a person, you're acceptable with anything and everything you have to offer, until and unless it's not harming anyone on purpose, ab be it acne, pimple, stuttering, color, race, ethnicity, or literally anything......
I've been through the same, I've had acne as well and I still have it to an extent, it's mild now, it's not that bad, but it still is there thori bohot, I'm still recovering....
So I completely understand what you must be feeling. But believe me, acne is not even the last thing I would notice about someone. Even if your whole face is covered with it, YOU ARE ACCEPTABLE AND LOVABLE, I DON'T CARE....
Your face doesn't describe who you actually are.
Plus, one thing I'm telling you right now is that, as much as we have it in our minds (because some people do make you feel low for having it so it does sometimes end up upsetting you) other (genuine/sensible) people don't even care about it.
So yeah, acne for sure will go with time and right treatment, but even if it doesn't or it takes a longer period of time, you're not to be blamed here, because as i said, YOU'RE ACCEPTABLE EVEN WITH ACNE OR ANYTHING.
All the love in the world for you.
If you feel like venting, leave me a message anytime.

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What is it that matters?

Danyal_H’s Profile Photoدانیال
Nothing, jab tak kuch bhi aap k pass hota he tab tak shayad lagta he k, ye bhi zarori he aur wo bhi zarori he.
Lekin yaqeen karain, aik baar wo cheez zindagi se jab chali jaati he, jab aap ko mehroomi se nawaz dia jata he, tab aap ko ye baat samajh aa jati he k zindagi main kuch bhi zaroori nahi he.
Duniya main kuch bhi esa nahi he jis k na hone se zindagi ruk jaye, Haan humain lagta zaroor he k ruk jaye gi, lekin wo phir bhi ghasit'ti rehti he.
Al'bat'ta andar se aksar bohot kuch toot jata he, bohot kuch ruk jata he, bohot hadh tak insan mar bhi jata he lekin us se kya farq parhta he, kisi ko kon sa pata chalna he k aap k andar kya tehes nehes chal rahi he..? Jab tak aap bahar se theek dikh rahe hain, everyone and everything is okay..
Hamain khaali hath reh jane se khouf zaroor ata he, lekin aik baar jab haath khaali ho jate hain, tou phir adat ho jati he, khaali hathon ko dekhte rehne ki.🌼

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Ab dil nae krta is such a harsh reality.

Or more like, dil tou shayad abhi bhi karta he lekin hamare andar se wo hosla khatam ho gaya he jo toot kar dobara jurne k liye aik insan ko darkaar hota he.
Almost half of us are living with fear of abandonment, fear of being left alone in the end and fear of being hurt.
Is liye, what we do is, k hum naye rish'tay, naye jazbaat aur naye ehsa'saat k liye apni zindagi main jaga bana hi nahi paate.
Hamain tor di'ye jaane, chor di'ye jaane, istimal kiye jaane ka itna khouf he k hum kuch initiate karne se hi darte hain. Because we think k ab tou agay jaa kar dil dukhna hi he, tou behtar ye he k is se pehle koi aur hamara dil dukha'e, hum khud hi apna dil maar lete hain.
I mean, it's kinda sad but it's the truth.
Tou ab esa nahi he k dil bilkul mar chuka he, kabhi kabhi, once in a blue moon, dil bhi apni tamam tar aah-o-fugaa'n le kar hamare samne a kar khara ho jata he. But we being protective of ourselves and our emotions, us dil ko daa'nt kar wapis sula dete hain, thora bohot nazar andaaz kar k, use wapis bhaga dete hain, that too with a warning k aindaa ye baat phir nahi karna.
Lekin wo dil hi kya, jo aik baar main hamari baat maan le....?

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