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I loved her more then anything.... I would fantasize about her daily... she was my best friend... everything i ever wanted... it started to hurt to much.. being around her when she was with someone else.. I had to let go..... 12 years I held on.. it took 12 years for me to let go...

curtischase’s Profile PhotoCurtis Chase
Fee sorry for you brother.
I know it hurts but eventually time heals and you’ll learn that she was just another fish in the sea.

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Why do some people love to hate? To commit crime? To be bad ? I mean whyyyy ?

alizeh7777’s Profile PhotoAlizeh
I don’t know 🤷‍♂️. People have free will they can choose the right way or wrong way but remember Allah promises to hold these people accountable for every deed and surely we are also being tested.
I prefer Allah’s judgment than these “Judicial justice laws”.

Does online friendship last long cause I am really thinking to make some friends online especially from askfm! What do you think about becoming my friend? 💫💫

Yeah they last but you can’t expect too much. I mean they’re virtual friends after all. I have friends here @Taehunghh is one and 2 friends named Dua, Ayesha , . They’re no longer on ask but we talk every now and then on SC or insta.
We have good bond even though we’re far But my advice to you is choose your friends wisely.

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Is there such a thing as absolute morality?

fragranceofsoul’s Profile PhotoNuha Sarwar
It is a form of deontology. Greek gods used to believe in Moral Absolutism but we muslims don’t believe completely but partially. For example, killing is a punishable crime to death in Islam but killing in self defence isn’t.
Another example: taking or giving Interest(Sood) for helping people in need or death is not acceptable. It is one of the biggest sins in Islam.
People have different views and challenges with moral Absolutism. I say we stick to Quraan and hadees for every situation.


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