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erm.. i just asked this question in a facebook message, but it's probably better to ask it here where others can see the answer. Hey it's Natanel. I just listened to your piece Mr. And Mrs Junhandle.. It was great. I just want to ask where you get these unique ideas from?

I listen alot to music overall. All styles, all genres (because I work with all styles and all genres, except maybe hiphop and rnb). With this piece the deadline was my main influence. I wrote this when I had a trip booked the day after, because that's how late I got the workprint of the film.

We had discussed the music a bit before, what feeling it should be, that it should have very colorful orchestrations and that it shouldn't be too slapstick. The way I wrote it was I just sat in front of the piano, and looked at the film. I had written a christmas tune for the film (this one: and I decided to base the action cue from the beginning melody of that piece. Sitting at the piano and looking at the film, I looked for places to put the theme, and if it should be a major or minor representation. I also looked at where all the hitpoints I had to hit were, and made notes of all this in my sequencer. Then I just improvised most of it, based on all of the preproduction I mentioned above, on my piano. Once I had the basic chord structure and melodies throughout the cue, I went into the piano roll and added harmonies and counterpoint here and there, and changed stuff around that I didn't like / wanted to improve on.

After I had the finished piano sketch, I started orchestrating it. I first sketched out all of the orchestrations on paper, without paying attention to exact notevalues or even placing the notes 100% correctly. All I wanted was to know where and when each instrument was to play what part of the piano score. Then I transfered this from paper to my sequencer, and made the mockup. And that is how the cue was done in 16 hours, from start to finish. I finished it at 12am, having done an all nighter. I got about 2,5 hours of sleep before I went on my trip. :)

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any big projects going on lately?

Yes, a few. One that is due to be completed in 2015/2016, and one where the deadline is a bit vague. The two projects are very very different from each other, and I won't tell you what either of them are, because that would piss off alot of people. ;)

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Do you have a best best friend, and what is the name of that person ?

I do have a best friend, and her name is Anna. She's my fiance.

But I imagine you're asking about people with whom I am not romantically involved, and in that case, the answer would be Nicolai.

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Can you name some of your main influences or that have just inspired you in some way or another?

Finally, a serious question! You deserve a gold star!

There are plenty of influences, but I'd have to say the main ones would be John Williams, James Newton Howard, and Hans Zimmer.

John Williams is my favourite living composer, and I truly admire the way he writes and orchestrates his music. James Newton Howard has a way of making any simple thing into something amazing. I mean just listen to the main theme from Signs or The Village. Amazing. And Hans has inspired my not with his musical abilities (although they are better than most people give him credit for) but with his inventiveness and his vision. He truly knows how to make something unique and that is rare. He's also pretty much the reason we're all using sample libraries today.

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do woodchucks really chuck wood?

Nope. They are groundhogs. So I would imagine they would be very bad at it.

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What is a question?

Ooo, clever! It's an expression of inquiry, that calls for a reply (or "answer"). ;)

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