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Hi, I'm 16 and my friends always hang out without me without even inviting me. It makes me feel awful and I asked them why but they just keep doing it... Do you have any idea as to how I should handle it?

We're really sorry to hear about this, it sounds like what we call "bullying by exclusion". There's some great advice available here:

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What makes life worth living?

Imran Shah
Thank you for your question!
Life is worth living because you are AMAZING and have something wonderful to offer as there is no one like you on this Earth. Your DNA, your personality is so unique it will take forever to make another like you. Life is a journey, good or bad you learn to make the best out of it and really shine through with the support of family and friends.
I hope that helps answer your question :)

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What would you do if you saw a homeless man being bullied?

Thank you for a really good question!
No one should ever experience bullying, everyone has feelings and one's words and actions have consequences. It does not matter if they are homeless, you would still offer support.
Be an up stander, meaning you do not just let it happen, you report it and if safe you can intervene and take the person away from the situation. For more information on bullying please visit our website -

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What is the best way to start summer?

Thank you for the summer question!
First things first, is smile and tell yourself it is going to be AMAZING!
Set yourself 3 goals that you would like to achieve. Make them specific, fun and achievable. The goals can be personal, educational or even professional. The summer vibes really bring the best out in us.
Happy Summer!

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