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You got beef wit anyone?

ChanaskX’s Profile PhotoChãndí
i want the best for people bro even if they don’t want it for themselves maybe that’s where any sort of issue might come from but for the most part no beef- just a few issues with a weirdo or 2 every now and then 😂

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Are you nice ?

yeah by default i just don’t like when people take my kindness as a weakness because then you begin to experience the not so nice side

Do you prefer being single or being in a relationship?

xXCherellexX_’s Profile PhotoCherelle
i like me so i can easily deal with my own company with no problem (being single) but there’s something really dope about being in a relationship with someone who you don’t mind being around everyday (except when she gets on your nerves 😂 obviously ). so the relationship but that hinges on proper communication.

How much more can we take

not sure the context for this but for me i’m praying that woman (Big bErTHa) get some help asap.

Plans for the day?

chillin for the day basically the last of my chill days for a while - bout to catch some football games real quick


relaxing and laughing at this hunchback hippo stalker on here submitting “anonymous “ questions to me - i keep deleting them and not answering anyway 😂 but still lol i honestly wish that miserable morbidly obese woman a better life 🤡🤓🦛..😂

Can we have a candle light dinner and I'll cook your favorite dish and get your favorite wine and after can we lay on the hammock and look at the star?

damn that shit sounds dope 🔥


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