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القصة مِش مين معك و إنتَ مبسوط، القصة مين متقبلك و إنتَ مِش متقبّل حالك أصلاً 💙💙

💯 % 😌
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How to Track Your Uber History?

First download the uber app
Then sign in
Then go to the settings
Then go to the customer service
Then find the phone number for the company
Then call them and ask them
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هو ممكن الاسك يتهكر ولو يتهكر بيتهكر ازاي لو حد يعرف يفيدني بليززززز

مالك عمو؟
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I’m 27 and my family still calls me “little one” “baby” and “baby girl.” I’ve told them it bothers me and they say, “too bad, you’ll always be the baby.” I have a younger brother they do not do this to. This is NOT normal right? It feels disrespectful at this point.

لا تحزن يا صغيري لا انظر نحو السماء عادي عادي


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