Ask @April_2012:

My informations were wrong...? *seeing his "personal" enemies breaking into its refuge made the Kraang jolted* NO, NOT THEM! CAN'T BE THEM, NOT THEM! *some Footbots tried to protect it*

*april escapes the table and protects the Kraang and the turtles stop confused and worried*

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*the rays stopped after few minutes* This was mean to modify your entire genetic structure, in other're not immune to mutagen, not anymore!

"I was never amuned to mugaten in the first place..." *just then theirs a loud explosion and the turtles come crashing threw the window*

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*The brainwash mode is activated* Surprise!

*she shakes her head and act like nothing happened* "i am at your servus" *she bows*

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*meanwhile it had placed himself on a robotic body* All alone here i studied many things, from human behaviour to English language, i studied my enemies, so many things. *Adjusted the small device on April's neck*

*she watches and listens*

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*It took her to his refuge under the sewers* Wake up, wake up! Your mind is under restrict regulation now!

*she wakes up minutes later* "uh-where am i?" *she says holding her head* "ugh my head..."

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*the Kraang laughed pretty exalted, she could not remove it even using psychic powers: he had studied a lot its enemies thanks to little spy robots*

*she gets so dizzy that after a while she fants and falls to the ground*

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