Ask @Apurba_Mushi:

Does peace demand a lot....?

No.peace is a relative things. it is not same for everyone. The defination is different for one.If you want peace from soul,I think you will live in peace.Doesn' matter how many probs you have..!!! again if it is like that you have everything in your life like the worldly things bt you cannot live in peace just for your mind...You have to be peace 1rst from your soul nd mind...Then You will get peace.. :D

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Do you have that one friend you made during the worst time of your life and he/she kinda supported you through it? Do you believe that people come in your life with a purpose, some to make you, some to break you?

Fortunately I am lucky that I have a friend who supported me during the worst time of my life.As I have not faces many difficulties yet in my life, but among them she always stand for me.. nd I don' think that every people come in our life with a purpose,some to make me or some to break me.Some just come just without any reason.they don' have any purpose though they are in my life..

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