Ask @ArcticFletcher:

If someone wants to talk to you , what are the steps they should proceed to reach your acceptance of giving them a portion of your time to listen to ?

Seriously, if this is who I think it is, please leave me alone. You hurt me, more than anyone or anything in my life has ever hurt me before or since. I don't want to talk to you, or see you, or have anything to do with you again. Please try to understand.
As for actually answering this question, I really don't know. If you want to talk to someone, but they don't want to talk, it's really just best to let it be. Leave it.

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What do you think of cheaters (in romantic relationships)?

Scum. If you're in an open relationship, that's okay. If you talk to your partner about it, and they're okay with it, that's okay. But, if you're sleeping with or romantically involved with other people behind your partner's back, or worse, using them to get to someone else, you are the lowest of filth.

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I feel obsessive over a guy due to mental illnesses. I can't stop spam texting him and thinking about him. How do I be more chill?

1. If this is who I think it is, you need to stop. Leave me alone. You were a manipulative piece of shit who abandoned me when I needed you most, and you can rot for all I care.
2. IDK how to help, honestly. Sorry. But, TBH, if he ignores you, even when he understands your situation, is he really worth it?

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Anything u feel that you should done in your childhood but you haven't??️?️

Realizing I was gay AF (well, bi, but IDGAF) and genderfluid would have been really nice. But, I grew up in a conservative household in a conservative part of a mostly conservative state, so being anything other than heterosexual was forbidden, and genderfluidity wasn't even considered a real thing or even something anyone knew about.

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