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How to escape from negative thoughts?

When you wake up, open your eyes and feel gratitude for the new day. Write down daily affirmations: “I love the people I work with,” “I make positive contributions every day,” or “I am open to inspired thoughts.” If a negative thought creeps in, think of a success you’ve had and the feeling that went with it. Positive thinking is a daily task, but worth it.

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Wht if a guy always force u and blames ur character over stupid ass things. If u do something to make him happy, there is no appreciation. U give ur whole self to him but still he keeps on demanding and when he dont get what he wants, he keeps mental torturing u and ignores u like u dont exist anymr

First of all, it's your fault that you are living with such a person who doesn't care about you after doing this all. For a girl, character matters the most if someone raises a finger on it break his finger down. If he is ignoring you torturing you then what's the point of doing this all for nothing.

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Aj aik lrkay k exam mn aik subject mm fail ho kr khud kashi ki news suni.feeling sad😶.insulting,abusing,punishing,taunting is not the solution. Waste of money is better than having a lose of someone ,your own🔥

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Who is responsible here ? We have been told from the day one your parents can not be wrong some how that's true but not always our parents needs to understand yes study is important in life but its not important then someones life fear of getting low marks in exams ends up on a suicidal way for many students it's a humble request to all the parents support your kids your one motivational sentence can save a life 😊

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