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Is it possible to justify a murder?

That's a good question. I just read today something about a 19 yrs Iranian girl who condemned to death because she defended herself from getting raped. The story is stuck in my mind as the justice system came up with such a sentence. Anyhow, in western societies, they justify murders all the time but they clean their mess perfectly without the intrude of media. I mean there is a series named how to get away with murder!!!! In eastern societies , as in my beloved country ppl r getting killed without even knowing why ! So unfortunately we are at a time that ppl don't even care about sugar coating & justifying murders. Global chaios

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Ahleen areej :) el7amdo le allah enti shen a5barek wo shen mdaira!? Glad that u like it and about the insta come on jeej ur profile is private awel shai wo tani shai ur pics r so classy & respectable ya3ni ka2ena metla9ieen wo heki :) and thanks same wiv ur nephews and neices masha'allah ;)

Ok zalba7tni. Thanks for the beautiful respond. It's just I would like to know if I am doing something wrong unintentionally. Feel free to tell me if u think I am. & thanks bs moni wa abdo mgawyeen el3yar 3lee jma3etna

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