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Wow! This is so beautiful armeeza. Was just stalking you and I must say you have super amazing answers and I loved this one with my heart

Wait what did I actually write it..? seven people have questioned me in this thread praising me for this and I don’t even think like this anymore it’s been 2 years whoever you are. I wrote it because I actually dated someone online and mera katt gaya but why I’m telling you this kheir it is obvious katnay kay baad hee banda itni lambi chorta hai. No, I’m not disrespecting it I mean it’s me and I still remember that time and all that but I don’t know thanks. It’s funny and sad. Let me watch movie please yeh parh kay mujhay meray finals yaad aatay hain please. Bye bye

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Women should be financially taken care of in a relationship. Your woman shouldn't worry about paying for a DAMN thing! If you can't afford to take care of a woman completely, don't date or persue woman until you can. The woman IS the prize! PAY FOR IT!!!

Woman should understand what financial crisis is and man should pay but woman can pay too stop making it big deal. Sab bill gates kay khandaan say nahin hotay.

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