Ask @ArmouredSkeptic:

Round earthers are wrong. Also, we have yet to prove the moon is real. It's a projection of Pluto through solar system happenings beyond our current comprehension. For all we know it could be a hologram.

The moon IS real, but they project a hologram over it to hide all the alien bases
Ever wonder why we can't see the moon landing sights from Earth?
Nasa is run by fascists

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You have in the past made a lot of claims about the failings over american systems such as education, healthcare, and such, but it seems to be that the differences by statistics between our counties has been and probably will remain similar. Do you believe this judgement on america is rational?

The education system is terrible.
Poor neighborhoods have shit schools with shit resources
Rich neighborhoods have rich schools with great resources.
This does not happen here to the same extremes

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I wanted to ask you a question regarding system racism. You said before that you think there isn't any evidence of "systemic racism". Isn't the police targeting black people more often than whites and them getting longer sentences for the same crime evidence of system racism to some extent?

That's a system being used in a racist way, not necessarily a system designed specifically to be racist.

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How does 'intellectual dishonesty' differ from 'dishonesty'?

It's not different, it's just a specific type of dishonesty. Usually associeated with arguing to promote or defend their opinion on something.
In a debate or argument, if someone intentionally ignores logic and reason to help promote their position, that's intellectual dishonesty.

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